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Deep enough in Java, a newbie with Kotlin and Swift, 8Y in software development from 14 in IT overall. Still believe I can improve the world

This article is kind of a publication of my personal note. I started to collect this list of topics when was asked to help to interview a lot of guys for the Java Full-Stack Developer roles. Although, after that, I added a lot of new words when I was on the opposite side.

The keywords below actually are not ready-to-use questions but rather the tech interview plan that hopefully won’t let you forget to ask about some important things.

Java SE and JVM questions

  1. Concurrency: Sleep vs wait, volatile, ThreadLocal, Synchronized: in terms of block and method, thread-safe collections, Thread Pools, callable/runnable, process vs thread.

If you are wondering how to mock AWS infrastructure for the integration tests in your Kotlin and Spring Boot based application or you are interested to taste Kotlin as a primary language for the Spring framework, this article is for you.

Let’s implement the small REST API to Upload, Download, List, and Delete the S3 Objects, and cover with an integration test. The main components are listed below:

Kotlin 1.4, JDK 11, Gradle 6, Spring Boot 2.4, and AWS SDK for Java to interact with AWS S3, the Simple Storage Service.

To test it locally without connection to the AWS…

Alex Antukhov

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